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We tend to find ourselves getting caught up trying to chase a life that we were never meant to catch, hence why a lot of us experience feelings such as sadness, anxiety and stress. This can be exhausting, especially with ever growing technology, and media's new ways of telling us what we think we need to be sucessful or popular. You'll find yourself being programmed to false idealisations: I need that bag in my life, I have to get the perfect picture, I'll be happy with 'x' amount of likes on my post and if I look like that person I'll be liked by everyone... 

What we were never taught was that acceptance comes from within; to truly feel happy, validation will never come from external accounts - EVER. Really, we need to start a journey of mindfulness, self-love and healing. To practise looking inwards, reflect, and realising we may be in denial about certain aspects of 'who we are' is just the beginning. Most of the time that person with tons of followers, millions in the bank and appears to be out having a good time with loads of people, is far from content and they're under the belief that the more they have the better they will feel which leaves you living your life in this constant cycle'. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have goals and desires, just make sure that they are for nobody else but you.


How can we work on becoming our best selves? What can I do to stop being influenced by society? Why do I feel unsettled? Who is really there for me and am I just absorbing negative energy from anyone? When did I get sucked into A false reality? You might of asked yourself one of these questions, or something along the lines of this at some point. We all have, but the important thing is to take action. I believe that our biggest investment should be ourselves and so I hope to offer small pieces of information to get you started or point you in the right direction.

Singing or Writing

You don't have to be striving for fame to sing or attend a lesson, you don't even need to be considered talented or 'good' by anyone as it's simply balls down to self-expression! Putting limitations on yourself, or believing you haven't got what it takes is already setting yourself up for failure. Music is simply a universal language with many physical and phycological benefits.

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Improves your posture

  • Helps with sleep

  • Natural anti-depressant

  • Lowers stress levels 

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem

  • Releases endorphins

  • Alleviates loneliness and much more...

Take things a step further and write your feelings down. Begin by putting a few sentences together and just hum along, soon you'll be singing the words you wrote and this increases all the positive effects.

mind : body : soul

I have had a passion for all things creative, holistic and spiritual for as long as I can remember. Possibly as soon as I noticed that I always stood out from a crowd. However I've always had a particularly deeper connection to stones, gems, rocks or crystals. Holding and collecting stones walking along a beach would always bring me so much comfort and after pushing the 'you're a bit weird' voice in the back of my mind to the side, I decided I should explore this part of me a little more. Growing up I was a little geeky - but proud! I loved all things science, non-fiction, books and documentaries. I just loved to learn. So, I took it upon myself to study marine biology as the underwater world held such mystery and beauty to me. From a young age I became a professional swimmer and began to compete, and shortly after would find myself free diving in seas abroad to find rarities on the ocean floor (I still can't explain how comfortable and peaceful the feeling of being underwater is to me).


With this in mind, out of curiosity I began to research about the benefits - Aside from swimming helping with my health and fitness as an asthmatic - and my interests spin-balled... First from physical aspects such as why sea water is good for us; due to all the minerals. To learning about the benefits of salt water, to understanding that salt holds a crystalline structure. Then discovering crystals are formed deep in our oceans, the earths core, around volcanic activities and so on (any place where natural energies occur), and their properties are varied dependant on the conditions and minerals available. I wanted to know why some crystals I was drawn to more than others. And so this chain of interest continued.


It all concluded with "crystals have healing powers". Really it doesn't mater wether you believe this statement to be true, perceive it to be some form of 'faith', or placebo affect with false accusations, you can't really deny that by looking at one you momentarily find yourself lost in its awe and wonder and at the very least stop for a moment and appreciate it for its natural beauty. This triggers a 'happy-hormone' response in our brain. Alone, this is enough proof for me to feel they have the ability to help shape us into out best versions. If you're interested in a more in-depth but concise reason, as human-beings we consist solely of energy and we have an energetic aura field around us. When we are tired or upset we hold a low vibrational energy, hence the saying "I'm feeling low" or "I have no energy", each crystal type and individual crystal holds different vibrational energies useful for different things. By carrying crystals on us, or having a crystal near with a high vibration we can subconsciously pick up, transfer, or absorb energy, which slowly over time raises our vibration keeping us in a more constant positive state releasing negative energy that no longer serves us.


You'll find yourself start to alter your mindset, rewire your brain and change your habits to better your life when you open up to something new...

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